Ferrmed conference in Zhengzhou

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Ferrmed conference in Zhengzhou

17 of July of 2018

On July 17, the first Forum on Eurasian Connectivity and Industrial Cooperation will be held in the Chinese town of Zhengzhou. This conference was convened by the Chinese authorities of Zhengzhou, FERRMED and the UIC (International Union of Railways).

The objective was to identify efficient development steps for the European and Eurasian rail transport system because shorter delivery times are shorter, lower logistics costs and better service. It is about defining a process to identify main ways to improve the European / Eurasian rail system from the point of view of the sender as well as countermeasures that serve to solve existing problems and to be able to meet the objectives for each subject by 2020, 2025 and 2030 with a minimal investment

Below you can find some of the topics covered.

- Priority of Eurasian corridors

- Egeasian strategic mega-terminals: recommended characteristics and classification

- Eurasian railway system: key issues for connectivity and compatibility

- FERRMED Multi-sectoral working groups: European / Eurasian approach. Working groups: infrastructure, operations and rolling stock. Intelligent ways to guarantee the interpenetration of European and Asian rail flows.

- Silk Road-specific projects and success stories

- Possibilities of financing

- Longer cargo trains; eurasian perspective

- Load indicator that allows the transport of truck trailers

- Existence and accessibility of efficient terminals. Type: strategic eurasian metalworks, regional distribution terminals and track width change terminals.

- In terms of infrastructure such as locomotives, compatibility of signaling (ERTMS in Europe), electrification system and other operational systems.

- Implementation of the FERRMED wagon concept; eurasian perspective

- Availability of rolling stock: interoperable; available for rent; Meet the needs and standards of the market.

- Integrated management and tracking of freight trains, including data exchange and elimination of data interruption at borders; eurasian perspective

- Favorable and homogeneous rates for access to the track and other facilities

- Extension of lines of double width depending on the commercial needs

- reconstruct the railway lines to avoid ratings greater than 12 per 1000 and allowing 22.5 tons per axis (25 in new lines).

- Sharing information on the transport of goods between the actors in the multimodal network.

- The flow of goods is balanced in the main railways.

- Reduction of the environmental impact of rail freight transport, in particular noise, vibration and emissions of greenhouse gases.

- Common training for drivers and traffic controllers at the EU level.

- Consideration of public-private partnerships for better infrastructure and rolling stock

- Promote the exchange of experiences.


The results that are expected:

- Significant increase in the market share of the railway
- Optimization of multimodal flows
- Durably shorter delivery time (more than 50%) and better reliability
- Cost of logistics 25% less
- Freight trains capable of transporting 224 TEU
- 50% more line capacity
- Continuous and complete online information
- Reduce the tare of the car in 2 tons
- Much less noise and vibration
- Much less emissions of greenhouse gases


Ferrmed ​​press

Other news media, such as Cadena de Suministro, have published the news.


                                                                                                     Transcendent FERRMED agreements in Zhengzhou

In the framework of the implementation of the EU-China 2020 Strategic Cooperation Agenda, the Chinese authorities of Zhengzhou, FERRMED and the UIC (International Union of Railways) have signed a cooperation agreement for the development of a platform in Zhengzhou which brings together the great logistic "hubs" of Europe and Asia.

The purpose of this Platform is "to promote the exchange and cooperation between the major logistics and industrial hubs within the One Belt, One Road" initiative, to significantly improve the connectivity and efficiency of rail transport and Multimodal freight between China and the European Union ". Companies, research and development centers, railway and logistics operators, ... are invited to participate in this operation that will be supported by FERRMED Multisectoral Working Groups.

Zhengzhou and FERRMED have agreed to jointly collaborate in the empowerment of rail freight transport and in the growth of business relations in all its facets, through both representative offices in China and Europe.

These agreements were taken during the Conference organized jointly between the Chinese authorities and FERRMED under the motto "Eurasian Connectivity and Industrial Cooperation Forum" with an important participation of companies and institutions from various countries of the European Union, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China. They can have a special impact on the development of the most relevant Trans-European corridors, within which, the Mediterranean Corridor.

In statements made by the Mayor of Zhengzhou, Wang Yuehua, and Joan Amorós, president of FERRMED, in the Chinese media, this forum will be developed annually in two versions, one in the European Union and another in China.