Platform dragging

Tomàs Transports

Platform draggings

In order to improve and expand our proposals every day, we offer to haul trailers throughout the peninsula.

With this service we provide our customers with a tractor and a driver with long experience in our company, to tow your trailer where the customer tell us (either from a business, train, boat, port area ...) and download anywhere of the Peninsula to later refresh wherever your merchandise and bring it back to its new destination.

One of the many advantages for our client, is that you should not invest in trucks or drivers, and that your business is run completely by himself.

We deal only to get the trailers where and when the customer needs, always following your instructions as to dates, times, and temperature control of the goods. We take care of everything related to the transportation and documentation, keeping them informed at all times of the status of your vehicle.

Our company is characterized by commercial confidentiality and strict compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

Over 65 vehicles

Transportation of general and refrigerated cargo

Our company is specialising in the transport of general and/or refrigerated cargo by roadway. We are leaders in the Scandinavian and Russian markets with a fleet of over 65 vehicles apart from subcontracted that are working in a regular way with us.

Agility in managing

Ensure compliance within the delivery date

We are known for agility in managing the services required by our customers, who are kept informed at all times about the status of the goods and ensure compliance within the deadline. We strive every day to suit your needs and offer the best solutions at the best price.

Extensive timetable

We give our customers personalised, non-stop attention

We work to give our customers personalised, non-stop attention; for this reason, we have an extensive timetable (from 8 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday, and from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays). For emergencies outside this timetable, our customers may always get in touch with us via mobile phone.